Ready to join a bisexual relationship?


Times have changed. Dating apps proliferated in the 21st century with the rise of the internet and the ubiquity of smartphones. There's no doubt that dating has become riskier, but with more options. To everyone's surprise and delight, bisexuality has become one of the most importantly sexual orientation trends. Once considered taboo to date unicorns, a record number of bisexual couples are now seeking unicorn women.

Simply put, bisexuality means legitimate attraction to two or more genders. 

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The unicorn woman is no longer a mythical creature. She's a woman who likes to hook up with straight and bi. These couples are no ordinary people - they love threesomes. The term "unicorn" slowly evolves and is no longer limited to one specific gender. Anyone of any sexual orientation can identify as a unicorn.

Can unicorn dating solve intimacy problems?
Women understand that letting a third person into their relationship can be emotionally damaging, so they are careful about defining and establishing boundaries. First, allow me to mention that unicorn dating is not the answer to intimacy in couples and bisexuals. Intimacy is about getting to know each other thoroughly. In other words, consenting adults in a relationship should listen to each other's thoughts, concerns, and fears. There should be no coercion. Otherwise, this will lead to a permanent breakup.

However, it's not uncommon to see consenting adults in stable relationships pursue unicorn hunts. Let's find out why intersex couples seek unicorn dating and hunting.

Psychological angle
There are many reasons, and not every reason is straightforward. First, there is a psychological angle. For example, there are unicorn women who have threesomes with bisexual men just to get revenge on their unfaithful partners. Sometimes it's about having fun, having fun, and experiencing adventurous sexual escapades. Yes, it's about getting rid of the mundane.

Physiological impulse
Often, this is to satisfy sexual fantasies. The feeling of being attracted to multiple women is a confidence booster for men. Men in heterosexual relationships have a biological urge to have sex with multiple women. Unicorn women love to be seduced by men and bisexual partners. In simple terms, a triad man can enjoy the body parts of a unicorn woman and his partner.

Bisexual women poach unicorn men for different reasons. They usually want an alpha male with athletic qualities, such as a good physique, strength, and fitness. They want to have an offspring or two with the unicorn who will pass on the best genes. Of course, this situation, while not uncommon, requires the consent of everyone in the triad.

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